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Our Services

National Apollo Bathrooms

We Deliver and Install Bathroom Vanities, Shower Cubicles, and Other Fixtures

National Apollo is proud to offer over 10 years of experience making customised shower screens, shower cubicles, bathroom accessories as well as kitchen splashbacks, glass pool fences and glass balconies. Our expertise allows us to provide high quality services for the renovation and updates to our clients’ bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and pool areas.

Experience and Efficiency

From the design and manufacture of our high quality products to delivery and professional installation, National Apollo combines experience and efficiency in every task we undertake:

  • National Delivery - Learn more about our delivery policy and affordable delivery rates for products such as bathroom vanities and bathroom accessories sent to Sydney, NSW and across Australia.
  • Bathroom Installation Services - Trust our professionals for expert installation of everything from frameless shower screens, sliding shower screens, wall to wall shower screens and even steam shower rooms.
  • Terms and Conditions - For complete details on all of our company policies, we encourage you explore our Terms and Conditions page and to get in touch with us for any questions.
  • Refund Policy - Visit our Return Policy page for more information about returning products such as bathroom vanities, bathroom accessories and frameless and sliding shower screens.
  • Privacy Statement - National Apollo values the privacy of our customers and maintains a comprehensive policy towards protecting your information. Find more information here.

From Renovation to Refurbishment

Whether you are looking to undertake a complete renovation or simply update your space, National Apollo has the bathroom vanities, shower cubicles, wall to wall shower screens, kitchen sinks and other high quality fixtures and accessories to help you design your dream space. Get in touch with us today for specifications and delivery information on any of our products.